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All the transcriptions here are in concert keys. One day, if I have time, I'll create B flat and E flat versions if anyone would like them. Do let me know.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dizzy Gillespie - Salt Peanuts

And here's something from Dizzy Gillespie himself. Recorded live during the Jazz at Massey Hall concert (on which Charlie Parker plays a Grafton plastic saxophone). I suppose this should really be a real bebop line, full of quavers and semiquavers, to illustrate how Dizzy's style was influenced by Roy Eldridge. But for the publishing project which initiated this blog, we wanted to include something from Dizzy. In the first instance these cards are being published for guitarists, and I thought this phrase might translate to that instrument a little more easily than cascade of notes. I can imagine it being played over a hot club type rhythm, 'Django-style' - perhaps in octaves (though I'm not a guitarist, so don't take my word for it!).


El editor said...

This blog is a great idea. Thank you very much for sharing it.
Of course Bb & Eb versions would be very welcome (Sorry, I´m not sure of my rough english).
Saludos !

Signupandmakemoney said...

I always enjoy listening to Dizzy Gillespie. I just started a site similar to this one, but it is about Jazz trumpet instead.

We should link our sites together.


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