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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

James Carter - Round Midnight

I don't think anyone would realistically claim that this is a 'lick' as such. It's a great phrase though, over Thelonius Monk's gorgeous ballad (one of my favourite tunes). James Carter seems to have a knack of making complicated things sound very simple. I once transcribed his tune "Stevedore's Serenade" from the album "Real Quietstorm". It sounds like a simple enough tune, but once you get down to the detail, it's full of double flats and other brain twisters. He also has a history when it comes to making people feel insecure about their own abilities - see Kelly Bucheger's tale of how James Carter Ruined My Life.

1 comment:

Shadow Guitarist said...

Beautiful...brings me back to the black and white movies of the early days!