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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stanley Turrentine - The Mule"
From the album Midnight Blue by Kenny Burrell.

This one's from Denny Ilett. The lick starts in the 7th bar of Stanley's 2nd chorus. THe audio clip starts from the beginning of the 2nd chorus.


Chuck said...

This is a great line but I don't really understand why it works so well. Kenny Burrell seems to be using simple 3 chord blues in C for this song and these measures (7 and 8) should be C7. The first measure seems to fit C mixolydian but Dexter seems to be thinking E-7, Bb-7 and A-7 in the next 5 beats leading into a G7. I would appreciate hearing from anyone that can shead some light on this...

P said...

Hi there I'm Patrick from Australia, I play Jazz piano! Took me a while to figure out but the underlying chords for these two bars are:

C7 CMaj7 Dm7 D#dim | Em7 A7b9 | onto D9 G7 etc

Hope that helps! Great site Big Buzzard, keep the licks coming!